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  • Shohei Otani

    Who likely ends up with him, the Japanese Babe Ruth? The man who will pitch and likely DH on his off days.

    I'm praying anyone but the Yankees, but of course hoping for the Mets or Mariners to get him.

    Mariners have no reason not to offer the maximum amount they can for him, especially with the proximity to Japan and the Ichiro history...

    The Dodgers are limited in what they can bid, thank that's a big competition out...

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    Him coming off ankle surgery may at least scare a team or two away.


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      I regret not attending a Japanese baseball game there last year. My wife was informing me of the major difference.

      -fans eat cup of noodles at the game instead of a hot dog, although they do offer "hotdoggu" flavored ramen, as well as some stadiums now also serve hotdogs
      -They also sell whiskey shots throughout the game and park
      -The 7th inning stretch is replaced by something that resembles a "mid game garbage pickup"
      -bat flips are and flashy play are frowned upon as a Korean thing
      -Fan cheers are much more organized and you get a little stick to bang to sync up with the cheers, there's taiko drumming, trumpets, and all sorts of strange cheers. Most teams have their own fight song, which is also done in the 7th inning.