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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


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  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    Drops June 18th and I can't wait.

    Basically, its the spiritual successor to the Metroidvania series- namely, Castlevania, Symphony of the Night. For YEARS I've had the thought that a 2D 'Vania style game on next-gen hardware would be amazing, and I'm stoked its finally coming to fruition.

    Trailer is... interesting, as it makes fun of the graphical overhaul the game had to get after early previews received rather... lackluster reaction.

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    And its preloaded. 9PM tonight it goes live, and hopefully the wait will have been worth it.


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      So I'm about 75% now, and have set up the (presumably) final confrontation. Enough to make a judgement.

      - The castle is MASSIVE. I'd guess at least 50-75% larger than SOTN... maybe more. And they've added more teleportation rooms to really decrease the slog as you travel back and forth.
      - Everything is absolutely gorgeous. Its clear Iga took to people crapping on the Alpha to heart, and he came back with a vengeance. Everything from the chapel to the Inferno Cave looks stunning, and 95% of the monsters are inspired as hell. Gothic horror adventure never looked so good.
      - The levels are a good challenge. The game starts decently enough (save for one banshee like enemy in the chapel thats an outright BITCH), gets really nasty in the Library thanks to the traps, then tames out for a bit. Once you hit the Forbidden Desert though... hang the fuck on.
      - The food systems neat- you get a bonus whenever you try a specific food item for the first time, which adds an encouragement previous CV games didn't really have.
      - The character customization aaspect is cool, and the in-game justification for it is hilarious.

      - Occasional slowdown. Its not bad, but noticeable.
      - Most of the bosses, especially the non-storyline ones, seem way too easy. Granted, I'm going through on normal, but there's several where the basic enemies in the level gave me far more grief than the bosses did. Those that did have a challenge though meant for some pretty fuckin epic fights. There's some bonus bosses hidden away too that I haven't gotten to yet. We'll see how those go.
      - Some of the controls seem counterintuitive. "Waterjetting" in particular felt more of a chore.
      - The day 1 patch... did not implement well. Caused a bunch of chests to open throughout the game if you had an existing save. For me, I got lucky and just got mildly inconvenienced. Some others couldn't even proceed because a valuable item got popped.
      - The voice acting... could have been better. Although Zangetsu (voiced by the guy who does Solid Snake) is very good.

      A bit rough around the edges, but Bloodstained manages to avoid all the mistakes Mighty No. 9 made with its kickstarter campaign. Much of the old Castlevania feel is there, but 505 clearly went out of its way to implement the new technology, creating a gorgeous 2.5D platformer that both evokes nostalgia and pushes the "franchise" to newer and better heights.

      Verdict: 8.8/10.