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  • Battlefield 5 cover

    So this week's video game "controversy" that totally isn't forced or manufactured for PR purposes is that there's a woman on the cover of Battlefield 5. I'm not sure why anyone gives a shit about this series after DICE's last few outtings, or anything EA does period, but this is pretty revealing about their current position in the market. Without this horse shit, BF5 would be covered less than Madden 19 because of how uninteresting it seems, but with this It's front page news.

    Anyway, I can't wait for two years from now when the cover art of the next game is an extra terrestrial in an SS uniform. This will of course be followed by all of the Reddit historians out there telling us how ETs actually did fight on the side of the third reich, so it's not historically inaccurate. I also can't wait for the gaming media to pretend that guys like me aren't buying this game because a woman is on the cover, and not the fact that this series hasn't innovated in 5 years. God I hate the AAA side of the gaming industry nowadays.

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    I nearly flunked out of college because of Battlefield 2. I logged over 2500 hours in that game. It was fucking epic. Had a very decent map for every play style and it was pretty well balanced.

    Pretty much everything after that was a major disappointment. 2142 was kinda nice for a while. BF3 was mediocre. BF4 and One were dogshit.


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      Oh good. The phrase "Right Side of History" got used.


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        Remember all those times telling your customers to fuck off and not buy your product won them over? Me neither.

        Also, I didn't use that phrase Pollaski.


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          Fuck EA and Dice after BF1 and BattleFront 2.