Hopefully I don't get indicted for these....

AUTim81: seriously, i will trade you e-dirt for e-dirt
COONASSDH: lol What do you wanna know and I'll tell ya if I will
AUTim81: lol what really fucking happened
AUTim81: ill tell you what really happened with sherbs
AUTim81: skelsa fool
COONASSDH: Um, a whole lot of lies.
COONASSDH: Shawn knows the entire story.
AUTim81: sherbie = skelsa in this case
AUTim81: i dont care about potsy
COONASSDH: K. You really wanna know?
AUTim81: yeah, if you wanna know sherbs ill tell you too
COONASSDH: I'm only mildly curious about what happened with Sheree.
AUTim81: only mildly?
COONASSDH: Yeah. I'm pretty sure I've got the just of it from the
threads right?
AUTim81: lol, i dont know her story in related to other guys, i just
know mine
AUTim81: and nobody else does
COONASSDH: Nobody else? Odd. Figured you woulda said something before
AUTim81: yeah but not everything
COONASSDH: Here goes.
COONASSDH: We talked a lil bit before I left to go to Shreveport on a
shutdown. Got back and we started talking.
COONASSDH: Phone sex the 1st night we started talking on yahoo.
AUTim81: to monroe?
COONASSDH: Yeah. Back home to Monroe at the time.
AUTim81: ill let you in on a secret with skelsa......
AUTim81: and me
AUTim81: figure it out
COONASSDH: Same thing?
AUTim81: lol
COONASSDH: lol She loves getting off on the phone.
AUTim81: sherbie = skelsa
COONASSDH: Negative.
COONASSDH: Not the same person.
AUTim81: they do the same thing
COONASSDH: Trust me. They're not.
AUTim81: lol ok
COONASSDH: Went duck hunting 1 day and lost my phone. Had a ton of
messages from her by time I finally got my phone working.
COONASSDH: We talked for forever. Talked a lot.
COONASSDH: Yapping on the phone. Phone sex everyday. Blah, blah,

AUTim81: how long
COONASSDH: H#ll she'd wake me up for it.
COONASSDH: Couple of months.
AUTim81: same as sherbs
COONASSDH: Anywho, she was going to come see me 1 weekend.
AUTim81: a few months into talking?
COONASSDH: Talking on the phone.
AUTim81: right
COONASSDH: Anywho she was going to come over 1 weekend.
AUTim81: something came up huh
COONASSDH: She got called into work and left her phone at her house.
AUTim81: called into work? as a fucking teacher?
COONASSDH: She didn't call me back so I left her an email that she
didn't like.
COONASSDH: Noo. This was before she had her degree.
AUTim81: oh
COONASSDH: Law firm.
COONASSDH: She had her own office and everything. She got off in that
place I donno how many times.
COONASSDH: Besides the point. lol
AUTim81: skelsa = sherbs
COONASSDH: So she didn't like the email I sent and she didn't come.
Needless to say.
AUTim81: you were pissed
COONASSDH: K. Kelly did the same thing as Sheree did?
AUTim81: yes this is all the exact same stuff coon
AUTim81: lies, phone sex, lame excuses
COONASSDH: Was a lil pissed. H#ll she made it out to be a relationship
between us.
AUTim81: same thing
COONASSDH: So needless to say I was going without sex this entire time.
Not good.
COONASSDH: If you look on my myspace page, you'll see who I call my lil
sis. Binh is her name.
AUTim81: okay?
COONASSDH: She came over to the apartment 1 night from the bar when I
was on the phone with her. She flips out on me. Saying my voice
changed and all this. I then get about a dozen pissy tms from her
it. Binh is like WTF is her problem?
AUTim81: your voice changed?
AUTim81: i dont get it
COONASSDH: Anywho she was pissed the next day. Finally she got over it
the following day. Yeah. My voice changed. She thought it was some
chick I was banging or something. Very odd.
AUTim81: you went from a dude to a girl?
COONASSDH: Anywho all that settled down and we continue the phone sex
COONASSDH: lol Noo. Binh came over from the bar. Kelly thought Binh
was some chick I was banging. Even when I told her who it was she said
my voice changed.
AUTim81: oh ok
COONASSDH: So we get done with that whole episode and back to the
COONASSDH: I got tired of not F#$KING by then and I told her that I'd
come up there.
AUTim81: she agreed?
COONASSDH: She was going to come that weekend but her friend from
College had a kid. She was going to leave from there to come to the
COONASSDH: My apartment.
AUTim81: ahhh ok
AUTim81: then the lame excuses
COONASSDH: Anywho she said she wasn't going to come because of how long
it was into the weekend or something.
AUTim81: lame
COONASSDH: I told her I was coming up there on a bus (Damn Jeep I had
F#$KED up while I was in Shreveport working) and I wasn't 25 at the
to rent a car.
AUTim81: right
COONASSDH: Anywho I ride the damn bus up there. Get a hotel that
Didn't hear from her.
AUTim81: in jackson?
COONASSDH: The next night I sent her a tm and she was like, you're in
Memphis? I said yeah. I told you I was coming.
COONASSDH: Noo. Memphis. Not Jackson.
AUTim81: memphis? she told me she lived in jackson
COONASSDH: She did move into a house in Jackson.
COONASSDH: That was after this.
AUTim81: past year or so
AUTim81: you mean before
COONASSDH: All this happened 2 springs ago.
AUTim81: so she's moved to jackson since then
COONASSDH: From what she said but when I was talking to her the entire
time her number showed up as Jackson, TN so who knows.
AUTim81: ohhhh
COONASSDH: Can only go off of what she told me.
AUTim81: so you took the bus from monroe to memphis
AUTim81: not that far
COONASSDH: She didn't come over to the hotel that night. Next morning
was like F#$K that b#tch. I'm done.
COONASSDH: lol Not far. Have you rode a bus before? That sh#t

AUTim81: you didnt call her constantly while you were waiting? i would
COONASSDH: I called her like 2 times the day before I sent her the tm.