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  • So I cracked the secret FVSports Email Server

    Hopefully I don't get indicted for these....

    AUTim81: seriously, i will trade you e-dirt for e-dirt
    COONASSDH: lol What do you wanna know and I'll tell ya if I will
    AUTim81: lol what really fucking happened
    AUTim81: ill tell you what really happened with sherbs
    COONASSDH: With?
    AUTim81: skelsa fool
    COONASSDH: Um, a whole lot of lies.
    COONASSDH: Shawn knows the entire story.
    AUTim81: sherbie = skelsa in this case
    COONASSDH: lol
    AUTim81: i dont care about potsy
    COONASSDH: No way.
    COONASSDH: K. You really wanna know?
    AUTim81: yeah, if you wanna know sherbs ill tell you too
    COONASSDH: I'm only mildly curious about what happened with Sheree.
    AUTim81: only mildly?
    COONASSDH: Yeah. I'm pretty sure I've got the just of it from the
    threads right?
    AUTim81: lol, i dont know her story in related to other guys, i just
    know mine
    AUTim81: and nobody else does
    COONASSDH: Nobody else? Odd. Figured you woulda said something before
    AUTim81: yeah but not everything
    COONASSDH: Here goes.
    COONASSDH: We talked a lil bit before I left to go to Shreveport on a
    shutdown. Got back and we started talking.
    COONASSDH: Phone sex the 1st night we started talking on yahoo.
    AUTim81: to monroe?
    COONASSDH: Yeah. Back home to Monroe at the time.
    AUTim81: ill let you in on a secret with skelsa......
    AUTim81: and me
    COONASSDH: Shoot.
    AUTim81: figure it out
    COONASSDH: Same thing?
    COONASSDH: lol
    AUTim81: lol
    COONASSDH: lol She loves getting off on the phone.
    AUTim81: sherbie = skelsa
    COONASSDH: Negative.
    COONASSDH: Not the same person.
    AUTim81: they do the same thing
    COONASSDH: Trust me. They're not.
    AUTim81: lol ok
    COONASSDH: lol
    COONASSDH: K. Anywho.
    COONASSDH: Went duck hunting 1 day and lost my phone. Had a ton of
    messages from her by time I finally got my phone working.
    COONASSDH: We talked for forever. Talked a lot.
    COONASSDH: Yapping on the phone. Phone sex everyday. Blah, blah,

    AUTim81: how long
    COONASSDH: H#ll she'd wake me up for it.
    COONASSDH: Couple of months.
    AUTim81: same as sherbs
    COONASSDH: Anywho, she was going to come see me 1 weekend.
    AUTim81: a few months into talking?
    COONASSDH: Yeah.
    COONASSDH: Talking on the phone.
    AUTim81: right
    COONASSDH: Anywho she was going to come over 1 weekend.
    AUTim81: something came up huh
    COONASSDH: She got called into work and left her phone at her house.
    COONASSDH: Yeah.
    AUTim81: called into work? as a fucking teacher?
    COONASSDH: She didn't call me back so I left her an email that she
    didn't like.
    COONASSDH: Noo. This was before she had her degree.
    AUTim81: oh
    COONASSDH: Law firm.
    COONASSDH: She had her own office and everything. She got off in that
    place I donno how many times.
    COONASSDH: Besides the point. lol
    AUTim81: skelsa = sherbs
    COONASSDH: So she didn't like the email I sent and she didn't come.
    Needless to say.
    AUTim81: you were pissed
    COONASSDH: K. Kelly did the same thing as Sheree did?
    AUTim81: yes this is all the exact same stuff coon
    AUTim81: lies, phone sex, lame excuses
    COONASSDH: Was a lil pissed. H#ll she made it out to be a relationship
    between us.
    AUTim81: same thing
    COONASSDH: So needless to say I was going without sex this entire time.
    Not good.
    COONASSDH: If you look on my myspace page, you'll see who I call my lil
    sis. Binh is her name.
    AUTim81: okay?
    COONASSDH: She came over to the apartment 1 night from the bar when I
    was on the phone with her. She flips out on me. Saying my voice
    changed and all this. I then get about a dozen pissy tms from her
    it. Binh is like WTF is her problem?
    AUTim81: your voice changed?
    AUTim81: i dont get it
    COONASSDH: Anywho she was pissed the next day. Finally she got over it
    the following day. Yeah. My voice changed. She thought it was some
    chick I was banging or something. Very odd.
    AUTim81: you went from a dude to a girl?
    COONASSDH: Anywho all that settled down and we continue the phone sex
    COONASSDH: lol Noo. Binh came over from the bar. Kelly thought Binh
    was some chick I was banging. Even when I told her who it was she said
    my voice changed.
    AUTim81: oh ok
    COONASSDH: So we get done with that whole episode and back to the
    COONASSDH: I got tired of not F#$KING by then and I told her that I'd
    come up there.
    AUTim81: she agreed?
    COONASSDH: She was going to come that weekend but her friend from
    College had a kid. She was going to leave from there to come to the
    COONASSDH: My apartment.
    AUTim81: ahhh ok
    AUTim81: then the lame excuses
    COONASSDH: Anywho she said she wasn't going to come because of how long
    it was into the weekend or something.
    AUTim81: lame
    COONASSDH: I told her I was coming up there on a bus (Damn Jeep I had
    F#$KED up while I was in Shreveport working) and I wasn't 25 at the
    to rent a car.
    AUTim81: right
    COONASSDH: Anywho I ride the damn bus up there. Get a hotel that
    Didn't hear from her.
    AUTim81: in jackson?
    COONASSDH: The next night I sent her a tm and she was like, you're in
    Memphis? I said yeah. I told you I was coming.
    COONASSDH: Noo. Memphis. Not Jackson.
    AUTim81: memphis? she told me she lived in jackson
    COONASSDH: She did move into a house in Jackson.
    COONASSDH: That was after this.
    AUTim81: past year or so
    AUTim81: you mean before
    COONASSDH: All this happened 2 springs ago.
    COONASSDH: I think.
    COONASSDH: Yeah.
    AUTim81: so she's moved to jackson since then
    COONASSDH: From what she said but when I was talking to her the entire
    time her number showed up as Jackson, TN so who knows.
    AUTim81: ohhhh
    COONASSDH: Can only go off of what she told me.
    AUTim81: so you took the bus from monroe to memphis
    COONASSDH: Yeah.
    AUTim81: not that far
    COONASSDH: She didn't come over to the hotel that night. Next morning
    was like F#$K that b#tch. I'm done.
    COONASSDH: lol Not far. Have you rode a bus before? That sh#t

    AUTim81: you didnt call her constantly while you were waiting? i would
    COONASSDH: I called her like 2 times the day before I sent her the tm.

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    AUTim81: no answer
    COONASSDH: We texted awhile and then she said she wasn't coming over.
    COONASSDH: That was that.
    AUTim81: you didnt push going over to her house?
    COONASSDH: Not really. How could I?
    AUTim81: be nice about it and ask if you can come over, you took the
    time out to come she her
    COONASSDH: Anywho. The next morning I'm literally on the bus leaving
    from the bus station and she sends me a tm saying she's sorry.
    COONASSDH: All of this stuff and wanted to know where I was at. She
    wanted to go eat lunch and then whatever.
    COONASSDH: Well what can I do? I'm literally riding a bus in Memphis
    the way out of town.
    AUTim81: you tell her that
    COONASSDH: Yeah.
    COONASSDH: She said don't worry about it then. She didn't wanna pick
    up at a bus station down the road or anything.
    COONASSDH: She's crying on the phone and so am I. Pathetic really.
    AUTim81: why didnt she wanna pick you up
    COONASSDH: No clue.
    COONASSDH: She said she hurt me enough.
    AUTim81: no excuse?
    COONASSDH: Whatever that means.
    AUTim81: oh thats lame
    COONASSDH: You tell me.
    AUTim81: sherbie = skelsa
    COONASSDH: Anywho I go back home and don't care to talk to her again.
    AUTim81: right
    COONASSDH: So you went to go see Sheree and she pulled the same thing?
    AUTim81: i never actually went though
    COONASSDH: Anywho I'm back at the house. She calls the next day saying
    she's sorry. Blah, blah, blah.
    COONASSDH: Once again, phone sex. Blah, blah, blah.
    AUTim81: lol
    COONASSDH: I shoulda banged the chick that was working as the apartment
    manger around this time but I didn't. Went up to her apartment and I
    was on top of her in her living room. I pulled away.
    COONASSDH: Needless to say I never banged her.
    AUTim81: back to skelsa, stay focused
    COONASSDH: Anywho everything was okay sometimes and other times she was
    very shady. Whatever.
    AUTim81: y'all didnt try and plan another meeting?
    COONASSDH: Went to Vicksburg with LW to go gambling. On the way back
    mentions something about RT told brat that he was dating her.
    COONASSDH: I'm like wow. This sh#t is whack.
    AUTim81: no way
    AUTim81: and this is like at the same time y'all were fucking around on
    the phone still?
    COONASSDH: I called her that weekend. Nothing. Sends me some tms
    Sunday saying she was sick. Blah, blah, blah.
    COONASSDH: Yeah. Oh yeah.
    AUTim81: oh damn
    AUTim81: yes, sick, sherbs used that too
    COONASSDH: Next morning I sent brat an email about it and she said talk
    to RT.
    COONASSDH: I did and that's when things went south.
    COONASSDH: Me and him talked about it and it was the same sh#t she was
    telling him.
    COONASSDH: Crazy.
    AUTim81: LOL
    AUTim81: so then he broke it off with her too huh
    COONASSDH: Talked to her about it on the phone and she came clean. She
    decided she wanted to date him now.
    COONASSDH: Like whatever.
    AUTim81: lol
    COONASSDH: She told him that I made it up and the poor boy believed her
    for a lil while.
    AUTim81: after you talked to him about it
    COONASSDH: Anywho she'd call me every once in awhile drunk or whatever
    saying how she loves me and all this. Phone sex. The same ole sh#t.
    COONASSDH: Yeah. After I talked to him about it he believed her. I
    like whatever dude.
    AUTim81: lol
    AUTim81: how desperate is that guy
    COONASSDH: So she calls a few times saying she's sorry and we do the
    whole phone sex thing. Yadda yadda whatever.
    AUTim81: how long did that last
    COONASSDH: Then she slept with him and that was that.
    COONASSDH: It was off and on. I guess as needed for her to get off. I
    AUTim81: so she actually fucked rolltard
    COONASSDH: Yeah.
    AUTim81: where
    AUTim81: kc?
    COONASSDH: Her house.
    AUTim81: damn
    COONASSDH: Yeah.
    COONASSDH: Anywho.
    COONASSDH: They have some "issues" and she calls me. Wanting to talk
    about this and that. Phone sex. Same old sh#t.
    COONASSDH: What can I say, I like the way she cums. lol
    COONASSDH: Anywho.
    AUTim81: lol
    AUTim81: she calls to ask advice on her bf and you have phone sex
    COONASSDH: They get back together. I'm pissed at her because she said
    she was done.
    COONASSDH: With him.
    COONASSDH: Whatever.
    AUTim81: oh come on coon, you know better
    COONASSDH: It wasn't the fact about her going back to him at all. It
    was about being lied to.
    COONASSDH: Huge difference bro.
    COONASSDH: I can't deal with getting lied to.
    AUTim81: but she's been doing that the whole time
    COONASSDH: Yessss. True.
    COONASSDH: Anywho.
    AUTim81: wake up coon, use her for the phone sex and dont worry about
    COONASSDH: I'm in Shreveport getting some food from BK and she calls me
    COONASSDH: She's soo sorry about what she did to me. What all she put
    me through. Blah, blah, blah.
    COONASSDH: I was going out with Brandy that night.
    AUTim81: basically she's horny and is having a rough time with rt
    COONASSDH: I'm like I don't wanna hear this tonight.
    COONASSDH: No. They broke up for good.
    AUTim81: how long did they "date"
    COONASSDH: Honestly I don't know.
    AUTim81: so after they broke up she was still callin you
    COONASSDH: Yeah.
    COONASSDH: She called me crying that night.
    AUTim81: translation: horny
    COONASSDH: I was in Shreveport about to go out with Brandy.
    COONASSDH: Called her back and she tells me that she has a kid.
    COONASSDH: I'm like wow. How did you manage to keep that one away from
    AUTim81: LOL
    COONASSDH: lol I mean that's kinda something you should tell somebody
    ya know.
    COONASSDH: She said I told her that I couldn't date somebody who had a
    kid. That's why she didn't tell me.
    COONASSDH: I tell Brandy about all this on the phone and she's like
    That's crazy.
    AUTim81: but you didnt date, she wouldnt even meet you
    COONASSDH: Well that's just what she said bro.
    AUTim81: so how long did y'all talk for
    COONASSDH: She said we were dating the entire time. I never met the
    girl. You tell me.
    AUTim81: sounds like this took place over like 6 months time at least
    AUTim81: lol
    COONASSDH: True. A lil over 6 months.
    AUTim81: from spring 04 to fall 05?
    COONASSDH: More the end of 04 to the late spring of 05.
    COONASSDH: Summer of 05 some too.
    AUTim81: gotcha
    COONASSDH: Story continues. lol You can't write this sh#t in a movie
    AUTim81: lol
    COONASSDH: Well I go out with Brandy and call her back after I got out
    like I said I would. She wanted me to call her later. I'm like I'm
    going over to her house. She was hurt about that.
    COONASSDH: Like I cared. It's Brandy. I'm thinking I've got this one
    in the bag.
    AUTim81: enough with the brandy
    COONASSDH: We're on Brandy's couch and she calls.
    COONASSDH: I'm like F#$K. Mood killer.
    AUTim81: she calls bc she's horny>?
    COONASSDH: She said she was sorry and blah, blah, blah.
    COONASSDH: Nope. Goodnight and that she was sorry.
    AUTim81: and that was the last time you talked to her
    COONASSDH: I was short with her and got off the phone.
    COONASSDH: Called her the next morning and told her we'd talk about
    everything. Try to figure out what all happened and where to go from
    COONASSDH: So we were back to talking and what not.
    AUTim81: atta boy
    AUTim81: summer 05?
    COONASSDH: 4th of July time period to be exact.
    COONASSDH: Went to my uncle's house on Lake Bruin for the day before
    4th or one of those days right there.
    COONASSDH: Maybe it was the 4th. Can't remember. 3rd or 4th.
    COONASSDH: Get trashed with my cousins, roomate (AU fan), and Binh.
    AUTim81: back to skelsa?
    COONASSDH: She calls me while we're out there shooting the sh#t.
    COONASSDH: She talks to my roomate for awhile about me and her.
    AUTim81: uh oh
    COONASSDH: I finally get out of the lake and talk to her.
    COONASSDH: We're on the way back to Monroe and my phone dies.
    COONASSDH: No car charger or nothing.
    AUTim81: right
    COONASSDH: Get to the apartment and plug it up.
    COONASSDH: She left a message saying to call her.
    COONASSDH: I did. Her phone was dead. Left a message.
    AUTim81: right
    COONASSDH: She called during that night while I was passed out drunk
    asleep and left a message to call her.
    COONASSDH: Apparently I was soo drunk that I missed the point to call
    her friends phone.
    COONASSDH: Whatever.
    AUTim81: lol
    COONASSDH: Woke up the next morning and she didn't answer.
    AUTim81: so you know about the kid at this point right
    COONASSDH: Yeah.
    COONASSDH: I knew the night when I went out with Brandy.
    AUTim81: k
    COONASSDH: So she's upset because I didn't call her when I got back.
    She was upset with me over that.
    AUTim81: right
    COONASSDH: Didn't talk to her the entire next day. Next morning she
    calls and is like don't do that to me again. You had me worried.
    COONASSDH: Whatever.
    AUTim81: lol what
    COONASSDH: So the next week she goes out and gets trashed. She didn't
    call me when she got back. She called me the next day so I don't
    answer. Avoid her just the same way.
    COONASSDH: Next morning I called her and she was b#tchy about it. lol
    Women huh.
    AUTim81: of course
    COONASSDH: So she goes somewhere and was gonna call me that evening.
    Called me that night a few times.
    COONASSDH: Very brief.
    COONASSDH: Was talking to Sheree about it that day to be exact. 1st
    I ever talked to her on im.
    AUTim81: she's trying to help and work things out huh
    COONASSDH: lol Yes.
    COONASSDH: After that weekend though we never really talked a lot.
    Kinda got into it a few times and that was that.
    AUTim81: so the 4th of july no calls did it in
    COONASSDH: lol If you wanna say that. I guess.
    AUTim81: lol
    AUTim81: isnt it weird for y'all to post at the same time though
    COONASSDH: Anywho. We talked a few times after that. Nothing real

    COONASSDH: Not anymore.
    COONASSDH: It was for awhile.


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      COONASSDH: I left for a lil while because of it.
      COONASSDH: Came back. I mean we still pm each other and what not but
      it's nothing more than that.
      COONASSDH: Haven't talked to her on the phone in awhile.
      AUTim81: like a year?
      COONASSDH: No desire to.
      COONASSDH: Maybe.
      COONASSDH: Don't think it's been that long but it may have been.
      COONASSDH: I know I haven't talked to her since this summer.
      COONASSDH: Not on the phone.
      AUTim81: she sounds crazy
      COONASSDH: Crazy is a strong word.
      AUTim81: i know
      COONASSDH: She's immature for her age.
      AUTim81: wtf, how old is she
      COONASSDH: Hmmn.
      COONASSDH: 28.
      AUTim81: ???
      COONASSDH: Huh?
      COONASSDH: lol
      AUTim81: i think she told me 30 something
      COONASSDH: Wow.
      COONASSDH: Nooo.
      AUTim81: how old is the kid
      COONASSDH: She was 26 when we 1st started talking.
      COONASSDH: In elementary school.
      AUTim81: wow
      COONASSDH: She had it when she was a student at UT.
      COONASSDH: This is why she's like she is. IMO.
      COONASSDH: He knocked her up and left her.
      AUTim81: obviously
      COONASSDH: A$$hole. Yes. Should it dictate the way you are years
      later? No.
      AUTim81: she started sending me pm's last august........and i chatted
      with her on yahoo for like 4 days. but that was it
      COONASSDH: That's cool. So what all happened with you and Sheree?
      the whole phone sex/excuses thing?
      AUTim81: yeah its the exact same story
      AUTim81: we talked for a few months on IM and the phone, etc you know
      what i mean
      COONASSDH: Yup Yup.
      COONASSDH: So did she really say it wouldn't fit or was that a joke?
      AUTim81: joke
      COONASSDH: Oh. lol Anything should fit for her right?

      AUTim81: they're both freaky sluts on the internet with lame excuses
      COONASSDH: lol That's rather harsh.
      AUTim81: its true
      COONASSDH: Not saying it's not.
      AUTim81: stop having feelings tard
      COONASSDH: Not feelings. I'm just a caring person dude. It's how I
      I can't change that.
      AUTim81: shut up coon
      COONASSDH: lol
      AUTim81: she's an internet skank, deal with it
      COONASSDH: I'd say attention whore.
      AUTim81: and internet skank
      COONASSDH: lol
      COONASSDH: Not gonna say that.
      AUTim81: she was fucking rolltard during the day and calling you for
      phone sex at night
      COONASSDH: You bringing your gf to NO for The Sugar Bowl?
      COONASSDH: lol I
      AUTim81: i dont know. she starts school on the 2nd i think
      COONASSDH: Hmmmmn. If she doesn't go I've got a few chicks in the

      COONASSDH: Then again you'd have to actually say yes to strange and
      that's not gonna happen.
      AUTim81: coon please. i wouldnt need ur help
      COONASSDH: Just saying bro. Know a few chicks who are hot.
      AUTim81: i think im going to br on the 27th(ish)
      COONASSDH: I might go down there this weekend or next week for a few
      days. Have some women who need to be serviced.
      COONASSDH: Plus I'd like to see the ex.
      AUTim81: if skelsa wanted to, would you get back together
      COONASSDH: No.
      COONASSDH: I would, however, F#$K the sh#t out of her.
      AUTim81: lol
      COONASSDH: lol Talking about that sh#t wouldn't be any good for a
      AUTim81: dude, ive seen pics, she's not that hot
      COONASSDH: Just talking about how the banging would take a tole on her
      bro. Ever heard or grudge F#$K?
      AUTim81: right
      AUTim81: but ive seen pics, not hot
      COONASSDH: The body though.
      COONASSDH: That's what did it for me. That and all the sh#t she was
      AUTim81: lol
      COONASSDH: Is still waiting to get F#$KED like that. lol
      COONASSDH: So are you and your gf all serious and stuff?
      AUTim81: yeah
      AUTim81: i got a better job through her dad
      COONASSDH: Engagement?
      AUTim81: so now im involved with business shit too now
      AUTim81: in a year or so
      COONASSDH: Good thinking.
      COONASSDH: By your time as long as you can.
      COONASSDH: Buy
      COONASSDH: My bro F#$KED up and knocked up his gf. Fool.
      AUTim81: we've only been dating for 15-16 months, another year is about
      COONASSDH: I guess. So yall are gonna get engaged in a year and then
      married 6 months after that?
      AUTim81: maybe more than that. its all on her med school schedule
      COONASSDH: That's a long time to date somebody without finishing the
      COONASSDH: My brother was thinking the same thing. I'll finish Med
      School. LMAO He's not gonna be quite graduated when he has a kid.
      AUTim81: sucks
      COONASSDH: Yup. I didn't wanna talk to him for a few days.
      COONASSDH: His gf is crazy.
      COONASSDH: I'm talking about yelling, screaming, throwing sh#t crazy.
      AUTim81: fuck that
      COONASSDH: Went out for my birthday this year to some of our boys play
      a bar in Monroe.
      COONASSDH: She gets drunk and starts throwing drinks on him.
      COONASSDH: In the bar.
      AUTim81: lol
      COONASSDH: lol You know what's the bad part about it is?
      COONASSDH: She had me meet her friend that night. She had a lot of
      cleavage going. Her friend did.
      COONASSDH: Well we were at the bar after our boys were done playing and
      everybody starts making comments about the jubblies.
      COONASSDH: Caleb never said a word and he gets doused.
      AUTim81: lol
      COONASSDH: I'm like wow. We go outside. She starts yelling and bam.
      He got another drink to the face.
      COONASSDH: Her friend is like okay. This is not cool. I'm
      uncomfortable. Let's go.
      COONASSDH: She is pushing him all over the parking lot.
      COONASSDH: Cussing him and everything.
      AUTim81: thats what you get for living in monroe


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        COONASSDH: lol West Monroe bro. Get it right.
        AUTim81: even worse
        COONASSDH: Crazy b#tches are everywhere though.
        COONASSDH: Noo. WM is wayyyy better.
        COONASSDH: I have yet to find a nonscandalous chick around here that I
        could date.
        COONASSDH: I've banged a lot of chicks around here bro and there isn't
        such a thing as gf material here.
        AUTim81: no shit
        COONASSDH: Even the preacher's daughters have been trained. No lie.
        COONASSDH: I've done it.
        AUTim81: dont doubt it. la girls are easy slut
        COONASSDH: As opposed to those in GA or AL?
        AUTim81: yes its called bible-belt
        COONASSDH: lol They all want the same thing bro. It's the person not
        the place.
        COONASSDH: Noooo. You don't know how many hotttt chicks that I had all
        over me in Athens bro.
        COONASSDH: I mean really.
        COONASSDH: Don't let me get drunk around a bunch of hot chicks. I'll
        show ya how to get them in line.
        AUTim81: okay coon
        COONASSDH: Who is JCOLES?
        AUTim81: fucking jcole
        COONASSDH: Nooo.
        AUTim81: the lsu fan from texas
        COONASSDH: Not the real one.
        AUTim81: thats him tard
        COONASSDH: BS.
        COONASSDH: That's not him on the board.
        AUTim81: um yes it is
        AUTim81: i sent him a msg on facebook 2 days ago
        COONASSDH: No sh#t?
        AUTim81: yes
        COONASSDH: Wow.
        AUTim81: i forgot he was cool for a minute there
        COONASSDH: lol
        COONASSDH: LSU fan. Always cool. Get it right.
        AUTim81: they're fucking living together in dallas
        COONASSDH: I knew she was in Dallas in the summer.
        COONASSDH: LW told me about it.
        AUTim81: lol what?
        AUTim81: what does lw know
        COONASSDH: LW knows a lot more than you'd think.
        AUTim81: i know
        AUTim81: but yeah sherbs and jcole live together in dallas. so fucked
        COONASSDH: Damn.
        COONASSDH: Madness aye?
        AUTim81: im surprised he came back knowing all of his have fucked with
        her on the phone and webcam
        COONASSDH: I guess when you're all about somebody you look over it?
        AUTim81: pretty much
        AUTim81: she was better than skelsa, she'd talk/fuck with 3-4 guys at a
        COONASSDH: Zinger.
        AUTim81: is true
        COONASSDH: I believe you.
        AUTim81: skelsa is poorman's sherbs
        COONASSDH: lol
        COONASSDH: She has more $.
        AUTim81: why does everybody like skelsa though
        AUTim81: she is just big of a an e-skank
        COONASSDH: You haven't heard her cum have you?
        AUTim81: you havent heard sherbie either........
        COONASSDH: True.
        AUTim81: they're e-skanks
        AUTim81: but nobody knows skelsa is
        COONASSDH: I beg to differ.
        COONASSDH: There's a few who know.
        COONASSDH: Not nearly like Sheree though.
        AUTim81: uhhhh
        AUTim81: rt and you at the same time
        AUTim81: she's tried with me
        COONASSDH: lol
        COONASSDH: Noo.
        COONASSDH: Not what I was saying.
        AUTim81: e-skank
        AUTim81: bottom line
        COONASSDH: I was talking about that everybody knows about Sheree.
        AUTim81: oh right
        COONASSDH: Nobody expects Kelly.
        AUTim81: if she ever fucks over mmg they will
        COONASSDH: lol
        COONASSDH: She's onto another one aye.
        AUTim81: i dont know
        COONASSDH: I donno.
        COONASSDH: I've heard a few things.
        AUTim81: lol like what
        COONASSDH: There's a reason he had a hard on for me for the longest.
        COONASSDH: Woman.
        COONASSDH: I think we have a winner.
        AUTim81: he wanted skelsa and he knew she was calling you
        COONASSDH: Shrugs. What are ya gonna do?
        AUTim81: is that what u think?
        COONASSDH: Not exactly.
        COONASSDH: Tell me what you heard.
        COONASSDH: Know.
        AUTim81: i know jack shit
        COONASSDH: I don't believe you.
        AUTim81: im serious
        COONASSDH: K.
        AUTim81: he just has a hard on for e-women, i would have thought
        him+skelsa would have happened or tried or something
        COONASSDH: I've heard they were "talking" at 1 time.
        COONASSDH: Shrgus.
        COONASSDH: shrugs.
        AUTim81: when was that
        COONASSDH: Sheesh.
        COONASSDH: Let me try and remember.
        COONASSDH: Spring of this year maybe?
        COONASSDH: Think so.
        AUTim81: so 9 months ago?
        AUTim81: ish
        COONASSDH: Closer to 11.
        COONASSDH: I'm guessing.
        COONASSDH: It's been awhile bro.
        AUTim81: did it fizzle>
        AUTim81: ?
        COONASSDH: From what I've gathered yes.
        COONASSDH: I donno though.
        COONASSDH: Lot of people ask me about her and MT but who knows? If
        don't tell me, I don't know. What they tell me in secret stays that.
        AUTim81: who knows
        COONASSDH: Exactly. Doesn't care.
        AUTim81: dude
        COONASSDH: What?
        AUTim81: i just heard a rumor
        COONASSDH: lol Shoot.
        AUTim81: you + tessa + shawn = 3-way phone sex?
        COONASSDH: LMAO Noo.
        AUTim81: lol
        COONASSDH: We talked on the phone. Not phone sex though.
        AUTim81: i figured as much
        COONASSDH: I'm straight bro.
        AUTim81: no shit
        COONASSDH: That kinda comes with being straight.
        AUTim81: lol
        COONASSDH: lol
        COONASSDH: Think Tessa is really getting married?
        AUTim81: i dont know, i dont believe anything
        COONASSDH: lol Guess it's a good way to operate.
        AUTim81: ever since she was 18 for 4 years i dont know
        COONASSDH: She's still very flirtatious.
        AUTim81: oh rly
        COONASSDH: lol Not like that.
        COONASSDH: Just in general.
        AUTim81: right
        COONASSDH: Some people are like that.
        COONASSDH: Some people are just looking for attention or something

        COONASSDH: Not sure which one applies for her.
        COONASSDH: Think she's just naturally flirtatious.
        AUTim81: its moreso on the attention
        COONASSDH: Maybe.
        COONASSDH: You'd hit it wouldn't you?
        AUTim81: why not
        COONASSDH: No doubt. I would.


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            obsess much?


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              SEC_MAN were you really drunk or bored to entertain this "feelings" IM that night?


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                1. I miss AIM. It was great in its prime for so many reasons.
                2. LMAO @ coon almost raping the apartment manager
                3. LMAO @ Coon getting cuckolded by rolltard
                4. Is Binh the girl Coon had the "little rice eater" with?


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                  Originally posted by General_Grantlocks View Post
                  1. I miss AIM. It was great in its prime for so many reasons.
                  2. LMAO @ coon almost raping the apartment manager
                  3. LMAO @ Coon getting cuckolded by rolltard
                  4. Is Binh the girl Coon had the "little rice eater" with?
                  But he calls Binh his little sister. That is fucked up.


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                    Originally posted by Silky_Johnson View Post
                    But he calls Binh his little sister. That is fucked up.
                    dude he's from SEC country, sister and lover are not mutually exclusive


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                      Originally posted by Miniterp View Post
                      dude he's from SEC country, sister and lover are not mutually exclusive

                      After reading this again and some of the other stories that COON told me, it's actually understandable why his life is so fucked up.

                      -No father figure in his life while growing up.
                      -Sister (who is smoking hot btw....I've saw the damn pics) gets knocked up by a black thug who runs away leaving COONASS to be the male figure in the kid's life.
                      -Gets conned by that whore Skelsa.
                      -Doesn't get to tap Brandy....her ass was incredible. She was a legit 9.
                      -Knocks up "little sis" Binh and has to raise a little rice eater.


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                        Originally posted by nutt View Post
                        SEC_MAN were you really drunk or bored to entertain this "feelings" IM that night?

                        And I'm pretty sure my whole motivation was to get info for silky and myself so we could lol


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                          This was 9 years ago......


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                            SEC_MAN is right.

                            I put him up to this.

                            I'm not proud of my past actions.


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                              Pretty sure I was like 'hey, silky, watch this'

                              Also pretty sure I was IM'ing silky the whole time Coon was telling me all this