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Cousin choked to death


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    Originally posted by tOSUfanboi2 View Post

    Sorry, I should’ve specified. He choked on a piece of food while he was eating lunch with his dad (my uncle), and my uncle wasn’t able to save him. Total freak accident.

    My uncle is, understandably, a complete fucking mess right now, but he’s got a lot of people watching over him and keeping him company.
    Yeah that is crazy to hear man, and I'm sorry. You know yourself having a kid you worry about freak shit like this all the time.

    I went downstairs last night and my 11 year old was boxing with my 11 year old with gloves on. Mind you I have gloves because we have a heavy bag not so they can spar. I look at the 9 year old and he has red marks on his temple. Boxing at our house has ended.

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      Originally posted by CheaterMichael View Post

      What the fuck is wrong with you?
      He said fuck this gay world.....and what the fuck is wrong with being gay? You're not homophobic.

      And I did say I was sorry to hear the news. If Hookems is sad his cousin died - he shouldn't lash out at the gays. They had nothing to do with it.
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