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  • It was a good Anniversary Dynamite all around, but one detail that really stuck out to me is the way they used Sammy Guevara. He came off as a total schlutz in the MJF/Jericho segment by basically being treated like a kid with the oversize jacket and Jericho bossing him around. It was funny, of course, but it did nothing to help the guy.

    Then half an hour later he's threatening Matt Hardy in front of his family and we're reminded that diminutive or not, he's still a psychopathic little shit.

    WWE take note- THAT is how you play your wrestlers for comedy without burying them.


    • AEW: 826,000
      NXT: 651,000

      42-9-1 Lulz


      • Originally posted by nutt View Post

        The whole battle royal I was like "Its women from all brands. This is...ugh.

        Not to mention, the tag titles---I KNEW SOME SHIT LIKE THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! Hey, just trade off titles.

        Maybe, if you are going to be serious about a brand extension, either say the show-specific titles (Tag and Women's) are exempt from the draft. Or if they get drafted, they are on both shows until they drop those respective titles and only those titles can be defended on RAW (or SD if a SD title) or PPVs. I know the Tag Titles have ZERO prestige these days but imagine having Asuka and Bailey swap belts... or worse, any two of the three in regards to Becky, Charlotte, or Ronda (all inactive but catch my drift?).
        The tag title swap didn't bother me, mainly because its what I'd figure they'd naturally do, and it works that both the New Day and Street Profits are extremely good natured. What I DIDNT like was there was no mention of Big E, which is really the most consequential aspect of the whole draft.
        It now ultimately comes down to what WWE does now. If Big E actually gets a decent push out of this (and by that I means he wins the SMackdown title), then breaking him from the New Day was a good thing. If this turns into a "Rev'rend D'Von" situation, then its inexcusable.


        • At least they gave the New Day a nice send off this show.

          Thanks for all the memories


          • Looks like I called that SANADA push


            • Originally posted by Pollaski View Post
              Looks like I called that SANADA push
              I think we all did in the early part of the year. Just waiting for SANADA to get a win over Okada on a big show.

              Also, the Ospreay turn was surprising.


              • Holy SHIT that Fenix/Pentagon match.

                Slight hit to the enjoyment factor because I was terrified Fenix was gonna break his neck, but god DAMN...

                (Also, boo AEW for not going picture in picture)

                EDIT: I never want to hear Taz or anyone else ever utter the phrase "burns my ass" again.
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                • I wasn't expecting the musical number...


                  • - Make it a lumberjack match to keep the Dark Order from interfering
                    - Make members of the Dark Order some of the Lumberjacks.



                    • AEW: 753,000
                      NXT: 644,000

                      43-9-1...Just give up Vinny. Its over.


                      • Ray Fenix has forfeited his semifinal match against Kenny Omega due to injury.

                        EDIT: Scratch that. He forfeited his QUARTERFINAL match against Penta El Zero, who now will face Omega.
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                        • Holy shit WWE. Did`you learn nothing from last year?


                          • Bayley vs Banks was very good.


                            • Everyone is giving Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso rave reviews and I just dont get it. I fucking hated that match.


                              • AEW beat Smackdown in the key demo proving the value of network TV.

                                I do not feel bad for anyone who continues to watch WWE.