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ODT: The 2018 FIFA World Cup


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  • ODT: The 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Since the United States of America dun gone and died, might as well start a different thread.

    Anyways- in as of right now:

    The Field (23/32 spots filled)
    AFRICA (2): Egypt, Nigeria
    ASIA (4): Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea
    EUROPE (10): Belgium, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain
    NORTH AMERICA: (3): Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama
    SOUTH AMERICA (4): Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay

    The nine remaining spots:

    - AFRICA GROUP A [Nov.11] (Between Tunisia and DR Congo, who play each other to finish. Win and in for both, Tunisia goes if draw)

    - AFRICA GROUP C [Nov. 11] (Between Morocco and Ivory Coast, who play each other. Win and in for both, Morocco goes if draw.)

    - AFRICA GROUP D [Nov. 10 & 14] (All four teams- Senegal (8 pts), Burkina Faso (6), Cape Verde (6), and South Africa (4), can still win it. Burkina Faso plays South Africa twice (their earlier game got thrown out due to a corrupt official) SA is going to have to win both to go, Burkina Faso hosts Cape Verde, and both those teams pretty much need to win to have any hope.

    Northern Ireland vs. Switzerland [Nov 9 & 12]
    Croatia vs. Greece [Nov 9 & 12]
    Denmark vs. Ireland [Nov. 11 & 14]
    Sweden vs. Italy [Nov. 10 & 13]

    And yes... either Croatia or Greece is going to the world cup while either Sweden or Italy is out. Makes no sense to me either

    Honduras vs. Australia [Nov 10 & 15]
    New Zealand vs. Peru [Nov 11 & 15]

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    Personal rooting interests

    - DR Congo (When have we last seen them?)
    - Ivory Coast (CIV is just too fun to leave out)
    - Don't really care, but it'd be hilarious if Cape Verde made a tournament the USA could not.
    - Switzerland (I normally root for anything Irish, but the idea that a team goes 9-1 in the group stage and misses out is kind of apalling)
    - Croatia (fuck Greece)
    - Ireland (Like I said, root for anything Irish)
    - Sweden (If its gotta be one of these two, I'll take the one with Zlatan. Esp. cause they missed last time)
    - Australia (Fuck you Honduras)
    - Peru (Because Peru fans are awesome)


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      Rooting for Ireland, Peru, and Germany in that order. Outside of that any and all underdogs that don’t flop too much.


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        Will be rootin' for England and France.


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          No Ivory Coast makes me sad.


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            US soccer is now on Italy’s level. We’re back!


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              Originally posted by ivegostdacityblues View Post
              US soccer is now on Italy’s level. We’re back!
              Maybe Russia will let the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, and Ivory Coast come and play in a group of sadness.


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                Ireland getting routed. Fuck.


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                  Originally posted by Pollaski View Post

                  Maybe Russia will let the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, and Ivory Coast come and play in a group of sadness.
                  GODDAMMIT THIS WAS A JOKE



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                    Australia smoked Honduras...LMFAO

                    I think Peru/New Zealand is for the final spot...0-0 in leg 1.


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                      Nothing against NZ, but come on Incas!


                      • #12
                        Peru up 1-0 at hafltime.

                        New Zealand's gonna have to go in the second half. But a single goal puts them through (unless Peru scores again, of course)


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                          This announcer is SOLIDLY pro-New Zealand. Wow.


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                            PERU GOAL!!!!!

                            Went through three New Zealand players and right to Ramos, who drives it home.

                            The Incas are feeling Russia now!


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                              Half the Peru bench was in tears during stoppage time, including the coach.

                              Don't think there's much work getting done in Lima tomorrow. They're gonna party all night down there.