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    This will evolve over time. But this is what we have for now.

    1. Personal Attack: These will not be tolerated. It does not matter who you know or what you know about someone, do not make it personal.
    2. Personal Information: If someone wants to share their own personal information, that is fine. No one else is to talk about anyone else's personal life unless it is in a conversation with that person and they are okay with it. This includes using a person's name on the forums.
    3. Doxing: Don't do it. This will not be tolerated, and it will result in an instant banning. If you don't know what it is, google it.
    4. Politics: Keep it strictly to the political forum.
    5. Bannings/Infractions: These are not to be discussed on the public forums. If you have an issue with an infraction you received, take it up with the moderator who gave it to you. If you aren't satisfied with the result you can then reach out to me.
    6. Retaliation: If you do anything in rules 1-3 that someone did to you in response, the punishment is the same. If someone does it to you, report it to a mod.