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    Originally posted by Foster4Prez View Post

    Again, suicides weren't in the numbers you lost your shit on several months ago but whatever.

    And yes, it is different. Gun violence is gun violence.

    And honestly, it's probably a significantly worse ratio than even that because how often are DGUs used in situations where lives were never even threatened by gun violence? I.E. someone running off an unarmed robbery suspect.
    Oh please. Including ALL forms of violent crimes and comparing that to the average DGU according to you (which I still think is low), DGUs represent about 4 percent of all violent crimes. 290,000 avg (robbery, rape, home invasion, etc...) compared to 77,000 DGU. In 2017 there were 39,773 gun deaths. Of which 10,982 were murders. Assuming approximately 50 percent of those (generous in your favor) you get gang/drug homicides making up about 7 percent of all gun deaths last year. That's not a terribly significant difference when you factor in the total number difference.