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Our COVID19 daily briefs are basically: Hail Dear Leader


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      Originally posted by Gyle View Post

      Video providing context is all over the internet. The point stands. This was an opportunity for Trump to not be a petty ass, and he couldn't do it. He doesn't realize how much weakness he projects.
      That’s the funny thing about people who are wired like Trump. They think that, by “counter-punching” against every single question or statement they don’t like, that they’re projecting strength. They don’t get that they’re exposing their insecurities. And, while I know some pretty insecure, thin-skinned people, I don’t know anyone wired as poorly as our President. He might be the most deeply-insecure President to have inhabited the Oval Office.

      It’s bad enough when it’s a friend or a coworker that suffers from debilitating insecurity. It’s positively dangerous when it’s the leader of the free world. If that’s your job title... and you can’t turn a question like that into a win, I seriously doubt your fitness for the job. Shit... this quality even has its own description: Presidential.

      But? Trump wants no part of any of that. In his mind, that makes him look weak. And Trump is fixated on appearing strong. If you pay attention, in response to any question he doesn’t like, Trump does a few things. First, he insults the person asking the question in some manner, either personally or professionally. Secondly, he insults the question itself, often referring to it as a “nasty question”.

      In fact, Trump uses the word nasty to describe almost anything (people, places, questions, things, etc...) that he sees as having the potential to cast him in an unfavorable light. Whenever Trump invokes this word, you can immediately tell he’s flustered. The object of his ire has gotten under his skin; admittedly, not a difficult task.

      This all becomes magnified when we have a scenario such as the one we’re now facing; a scenario that Trump is having a hard time with in terms of controlling the narrative. That’s where this whole China Virus bit comes into play. This is classic Trump. Trump knows that memories are often short in terms of keeping track of what he says. He knows he’s mishandled this whole thing from the beginning. To me, it’s a bit desperate. But, Trump knows that, to his supporters, all they need is an enemy that they can blame.

      I’m predicting that Trump, who has the unparalleled ability to lie, will continue to push this narrative, hoping it eclipses his initial nonchalance regarding the severity of the viral outbreak. It’s entirely possible that Trump will convince himself that he handled it well from the get-go.

      After all, according to Trump’s ghost writer for Art of the Deal, “More than anyone else I have ever met, Trump has the ability to convince himself that whatever he is saying at any given moment is true, or sort of true, or at least ‘ought’ to be true.”

      That last bit is the most bizarre part of the quote. This is a man who is so vastly insecure — crippled by his own narcissism — that he has developed a nearly pathological ability for self-delusion. I’ve met people like this, though again, nowhere near the levels of Trump. They’re narcissist. They’re pathological liars. They lie as effortlessly as Trojan makes dumb comments. And, they can be very convincing because they actually believe their own lies to the point that they don’t seem like they’re lying. But... they often get caught. They slip up and contradict themselves or lie about something that’s easily verifiable. Take Trump’s claim of his father being born in Germany. Bizarre, right?

      The difference is that, inexplicably, Trump’s supporters don’t really seem to care. This is the guy they elected. And now, we have the single-worst crisis our nation has faced in decades.


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        Wow - here's an article from the Mean Stream Media actually praising Mike Pence for his competence handling the Corona Virus Task Force


        “Have some sympathy for Mike Pence. I’ve learned that there is an electrified belt around his waist and if he speaks for more than 7 seconds without praising the President