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    • General Motors ventilators are ready for delivery - $430Million for 30K venitilators

      But now that we have reached the peak and we have flattened the curve - those ventilators are of no use - since Cali loaned 500 of its ventilators to other states and we don't have any dire need right now. NY has no dire need right now.

      SO basically I was right - this was an overkill and now we have 30K of them to basically donate to Africa - just like Championship T-Shirts that the losing team prints up


      • Originally posted by sctrojan View Post

        I may have to welch on this bet - just spoke to a friend who is a ER doc at USC Medical Center who has been treating COVID patients. He said we'll reach 100K for sure by August.
        But I think 50K by May (which is May 1) is a bit of a reach but I might be wrong here.
        So Fuq, where do I send in my 25bucks? Fucking shit I was wrong about 50K by May 1.

        But I was right on the over reaction to sending the COmfort to NYC - CNN is now reporting its being sent back to Virginia - it served a grand total of 62 patients

        Dyson is not going to manufacture any more venitilators. We wasted 430M telling GM to make 30K ventilators - that money could have gone to small business bailouts.