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Texas asks Supreme Court to repeal California's multistate travel ban


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    Originally posted by ibleed View Post

    I would suspect that they will. They declined to hear the Nebraska/Oklahoma suit vs Colorado
    I mean, the ban is petty but it isn't banning them from going to Texas, it is just banning them from using California public funds to do so. A State should have wide discretion on the use of its own state tax dollars and the State of Texas forcing the State of California to spend public funds in their state seems like a recipe for disaster.


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      Originally posted by tOSUfanboi2 View Post

      Except for the ones who don’t, who are having their tax dollars held hostage in the name of a cause they don’t support.

      The government should do its absolute best to be impartial and unbiased. I’m not saying that’s always possible, but plenty of states seem to do fine and avoid issues like this.
      That's like when my tax dollars went for the Iraq war I disagreed with but since I was in the minority I shut up and became a defence contractor and jacked up my prices to Uncle Sam

      We live in a democracy. People in California who side with Texas are welcome to get the fuck out
      Or send checks directly to gov. Abbott