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ODT: HOUSE- 193 R; 218 D / / SEN- 52 R; 45 D


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  • ODT: HOUSE- 193 R; 218 D / / SEN- 52 R; 45 D

    Basically a Spot for all the Races in one place- Senate, Governorships, and Hot House Races. For House races, I've included a small geographical description of the districts location.

    Republicans: 193
    Democrats: 218

    Republicans: 52
    Democrats: 45

    ALABAMA (R+14)
    GOVERNOR: Ivey [R]* vs Maddox [D]

    HOUSE (7 Seats)
    SAFE SEATS: 6 Republican, 1 Democrat

    ALASKA (R+9)
    GOVERNOR: Walker [I]* vs Begich [D] vs Dunleavy [R]
    Current Outlook: Leans Republican *PICKUP*

    HOUSE (1 Seat)
    AT-LARGE (R+9): Young [R]* vs Galvin [D]
    Current Outlook: Lean Republican

    ARIZONA (R+5)
    GOVERNOR: Ducey [R]* vs Garcia [D]
    Current Outlook: Likely Republican

    SENATE- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: McSally [R] vs Sinema [D]
    Current Outlook: Toss-Up

    HOUSE (9 Seats)

    1st (R+2): O’Halleran [D]* vs Rogers [R]
    Current Outlook: Lean Democratic
    Northern & Eastern Arizona + Southeastern Phoenix

    2nd (R+1) OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Kirkpatrick [D] vs Marquez-Peterson [R] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
    Southeastern Arizona, including most of Tuscon

    6th (R+9) Schweikert [R]* vs Malik [D]
    Northeastern Phoenix Suburbs, including Scottsdale

    8th (R+13): Lesko [R]* vs Tipirneni [D]
    Northwest Phoenix Suburbs

    SAFE SEATS: 3 Democratic, 2 Republican

    ARKANSAS (R+15)
    GOVERNOR: Hutchinson [R]* vs Henderson [D]

    HOUSE (4 Seats)
    2nd (R+7): Hill [R]* vs Tucker [D]
    Central Arkansas, including Little Rock

    SAFE SEATS: 3 Republican

    Current Outlook: Safe Democratic

    SENATE: Feinstein [D]* vs De Leon [D]
    Current Outlook: Well, they’re both Democrats, so…

    HOUSE (53 Seats)

    4th (R+10): McClintock [R]* vs Morse [D]
    Eastern California, including Sequoia National Forest

    7th (D+3): Bera [D]* vs Grant [R]
    Current Outlook: Likely Democratic
    Eastern Sacramento Suburbs, including Folsom

    10th (EVEN): Denham [R]* vs Harder [D]
    Current Outlook- TOSS-UP
    Northern San Joaquin Valley

    21st (D+5): Valadao [R]* vs Cox [D]
    San Joaquin Valley, including outer Bakersfield

    22nd (R+8): Nunes [R]* vs Janz [D]
    Southern San Joaquin Valley, including east Fresno

    25th (EVEN): Knight [R]* vs Hill [D]
    Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
    Northeastern Los Angeles, Palmdale and Northern San Frenando Valley

    39th (EVEN) OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Cisneros [D] vs Kim [R]
    Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
    Eastern LA Suburbs

    45th (R+3): Walters [R]* vs Porter [D]
    Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
    Orange County

    48th (R+4): Rohrabacher [R]* vs Rouda [D]
    Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
    Huntington Beach and southeastern vicinity

    49th (R+1) OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Harkey [R] vs Levin [D]
    Current Outlook: Leans Democratic *PICKUP*
    Northern San Diego Suburbs + Camp Pendleton

    50th (R+11): Hunter [R]* vs Campa-Najjar [D]
    Current Outlook: Lean Republican
    Northern and Eastern San Diego Suburbs

    SAFE SEATS: 38 Democratic, 4 Republican
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    COLORADO (D+1)
    GOVERNOR- OPEN DEMOCRATIC SEAT: Polis [D] vs Stapleton [R]

    HOUSE (7 Seats)
    3rd (R+6): Tipton [R]* vs Bush [D]
    Western Colorado

    6th (D+2): Coffman [R]* vs Crow [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
    Aurora + Northeastern Denver Suburbs

    SAFE SEATS: 3 Democratic, 2 Republican

    GOVERNOR- OPEN DEMOCRATIC SEAT: Lamont [D] vs Stafanowski [R]
    Current Outlook: Leans Democratic

    SENATE: Murphy [D]* vs Corey [R]
    Current Outlook: Safe Democratic

    HOUSE (5 Seats)
    SAFE SEATS: 5 Democratic

    DELAWARE (D+6)
    SENATE: Carper [D]* vs Arlett [R]

    HOUSE (1 Seat)
    SAFE SEATS: 1 Democratic

    FLORIDA (R+2)
    GOVERNOR- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: DeSantis [R] vs Gillum [D]

    SENATE: Nelson [D]* vs Scott [R] *REPUBLICAN GAIN*

    HOUSE (27 Seats)
    6th OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+7): Soderberg [D] vs Waltz [R]
    South Jacksonville Suburbs, including Daytona Beach

    7th (EVEN): Murphy [D]* vs Miller [R]

    15th- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+6): Carlson [D] vs Spano [R]
    Eastern Tampa suburbs

    16th (R+7): Buchanan [R]* vs Shapiro [D]
    Manatee and Sarasota Counties

    18th (R+5): Mast [R]* vs Baer [D]
    Treasure Coast

    25th (R+4): Diaz-Balart [R]* vs Flores [D]
    Alligator Alley + Naples

    26th (D+6): Curbelo [R]* vs Mucarsel-Powell [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
    South Florida and the Keys

    27th- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (D+5): Salazar [R] vs Shalala [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
    Southern Miami and Miami Beach

    SAFE SEATS: 10 Democratic, 9 Republican

    GEORGIA (R+5)
    Current Outlook: TOSS-UP

    HOUSE (14 Seats)
    6th (R+8): Handel [R]* vs McBath [D]
    Current Outlook: Lean Republican
    Northern Atlanta Suburbs

    7th (R+9): Woodall [R]* vs Bourdeaux [D]
    Current Outlook: Lean Republican
    Northeast Atlanta Metro

    SAFE SEATS: 8 Republican, 4 Democratic
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      HAWAII (D+18)
      GOVERNOR: Ige [D]* vs Tupola [R]

      SENATE: Hirono [D]* vs Curtis [R]

      HOUSE (2 Seats)
      SAFE SEATS: 2 Democratic

      IDAHO (R+19)
      GOVERNOR- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Jordan [D] vs Little [R]

      HOUSE (2 Seats)
      SAFE SEATS: 2 Republican

      ILLINOIS (D+7)
      GOVERNOR: Rauner [R]* vs Pritzker [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*

      HOUSE (18 Seats)
      6th (R+2): Roskam [R]* vs Casten [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
      Northwestern Chicago Suburbs

      12th (R+5): Bost [R]* vs Kelly [D]
      Southwestern Illinois

      13th (R+3): Davis [R]* vs Londrigan [D]
      Mid-South Illinois, including Decatur, Champaign, and Urbana

      14th (R+5): Hultgren [R]* vs Underwood [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
      Western Chicago Suburbs

      SAFE SEATS: 11 Democratic, 3 Republican

      INDIANA (R+9)
      SENATE: Donnelly [D]* vs Braun [R] *REPUBLICAN GAIN*

      HOUSE (9 Seats)
      2nd (R+11): Walorski [R]* vs Hall [D]
      North Central Indiana, including South Bend

      9th (R+13): Hollingsworth [R]* vs Watson [D]
      South Central Indiana, including Bloomington

      SAFE SEATS: 5 Republican, 2 Democratic

      IOWA (R+3)
      GOVERNOR: Reynolds [R]* vs Hubell [D]

      HOUSE (4 Seats)
      1st (D+1): Blum [R]* vs Finkenauer [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
      Northeastern Iowa, including Dubuque

      3rd (R+1): Young [R]* vs Axne [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
      Southwestern Iowa, including western Des Moines

      4th (R+11): King [R]* vs Scholten [D]
      Northwestern Iowa, including Ames and Sioux City

      SAFE SEATS: 1 Democratic
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        KANSAS (R+13)

        HOUSE (4 Seats)
        2nd -OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+10): Davis [D] vs Watkins [R]
        Eastern Kansas, excluding most of the Kansas City Metro

        3rd (R+4): Yoder [R]* vs Davids [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
        Kansas City Metro

        SAFE SEATS: 2 Republican

        KENTUCKY (R+15)
        HOUSE (6 Seats)
        6th (R+9): Barr [R]* vs McGrath [D]
        Mid-Northeast Kentucky, including Lexington and Frankfort

        Safe Seats: 4 Republican, 1 Democratic

        LOUISIANA (R+11)
        Just a reminder that Lousiana thinks its too good to actually decide its races on Election Day, and any race without a candidate receiving 50% of the vote will be decided in a December run-off

        HOUSE (6 Seats)
        SAFE SEATS: 5 Republican, 1 Democratic

        MAINE (D+3)

        SENATE: King [I-D]* vs Brakey [R] vs Ringelstein [D]
        Note: Independent incumbent Angus King caucuses with the Democrat party and is thus counted as a Democrat.

        HOUSE (2 Seats)
        2nd (R+2): Poliquin [R]* vs Golden [D]
        Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
        Everything that’s not Portland or Augusta.

        SAFE SEATS: 1 Democratic

        MARYLAND (D+12)
        GOVERNOR: Hogan [R]* vs Jealous [D]

        SENATE: Cardin [D]* vs Campbell [R]

        HOUSE (8 Seats)
        SAFE SEATS: 7 Democratic, 1 Republican
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          MASSACHUSETTS (D+12)
          GOVERNOR: Baker [R]* vs Gonzalez [D]

          SENATE: Warren [D]* vs Diehl [D]

          HOUSE (9 Seats)
          SAFE SEATS: 9 Democratic

          MICHIGAN (D+1)

          SENATE: Stabenow [D]* vs James [R]

          HOUSE (14 Seats)
          1st (R+9): Bergman [R]* vs Morgan [D]
          Northern Michigan + Upper Peninsula

          6th (R+4): Upton [R]* vs Longjohn [D]
          Southwestern Michigan

          7th (R+7): Walberg [R]* vs Driskell [D]
          Southeast Michigan + Western Lansing

          8th (R+4): Bishop [R]* vs Slotkin [D]
          Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
          Lansing + Northwestern Detroit Exurbs

          11th – OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+4): Epstein [R] vs Stevens [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
          Western Detroit Suburbs

          SAFE SEATS: 5 Democratic, 4 Republican

          MINNESOTA (D+1)
          GOVERNOR- OPEN DEMOCRATIC SEAT: Johnson [R] vs Walz [D]

          SENATE: Klobuchar [D]* vs Newberger [R]

          SENATE: Smith [D]* vs Housley [R]
          NOTE: This is a special election for a 2-year term.

          HOUSE (8 Seats)
          1st- OPEN DEMOCRATIC SEAT (R+5): Feehan [D] vs Hagedorn [R]
          Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
          Minnesota-Iowa Border

          2nd (R+2): Lewis [R]* vs Craig [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
          Southeastern Minnesota + Southern Twin Cities

          3rd (D+1): Paulsen [R]* vs Phillips [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
          Hennepin County

          7th (R+12): Peterson [D]* vs Hughes [R]
          Western Minnesota

          8th- OPEN DEMOCRATIC SEAT (R+4): Radinovich [D] vs Stauber [R] *REPUBLICAN GAIN*
          Northeastern Minnesota, including Duluth

          SAFE SEATS: 2 Democratic, 1 Republican

          MISSISSIPPI (R+9)
          SENATE: Wicker [R]* vs Baria [D]

          SENATE: Hyde-Smith [R]* vs Espy [D]- *RUNOFF*
          Note: This is a special election for a 2-year term

          HOUSE (4 Seats)
          SAFE SEATS: 3 Republican, 1 Democratic

          MISSOURI (R+9)
          SENATE: McCaskill [D]* vs Hawley [R] *REPUBLICAN GAIN*

          HOUSE (8 Seats)
          2nd (R+8): Wagner [R]* vs VanOstran [D]
          Southern St. Louis Metro

          SAFE SEATS: 5 Republican, 2 Democratic
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            MONTANA (R+11)
            SENATE: Tester [D]* vs Rosendale [R]
            Current Outlook: Lean Democratic

            HOUSE (1 Seat)
            AT-LARGE: Gianforte [R]* vs Williams [D]
            Current Outlook: Lean Republican

            NEBRASKA (R+14)
            GOVERNOR: Ricketts [R]* vs Krist [D]

            SENATE: Fischer [R]* vs Raybould [D]

            HOUSE (3 Seats)
            2nd (R+4): Bacon [R]* vs Eastman [D]

            SAFE SEATS: 2 Republican

            NEVADA (D+1)
            GOVERNOR- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Laxalt [R] vs Sisolak [D]
            Current Outlook: TOSS-UP

            SENATE: Heller [R]* vs Rosen [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*

            HOUSE (4 Seats)
            3rd – OPEN DEMOCRATIC SEAT (R+2): Lee [D] vs Tarkanian [R]
            Southern Tip of Nevada

            4th – OPEN DEMOCRATIC SEAT (D+3): Hardy [R] vs Horsford [D]
            Northern Clark County & Central Nevada

            SAFE SEATS: 1 Democratic, 1 Republican

            NEW HAMPSHIRE (EVEN)
            GOVERNOR: Sununu [R]* vs Kelly [D]

            HOUSE (2 Seats)
            1st- OPEN DEMOCRATIC SEAT (R+2): Edwards [R] vs Pappas [D]
            Southern & Eastern New Hamsphire

            SAFE SEATS: 1 Democratic

            NEW JERSEY (D+7)
            SENATE: Menendez [D]* vs Hugin [R]

            HOUSE (12 Seats)
            2nd- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+1)- Grossman [R] vs Van Drew [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
            Southern New Jersey

            3rd (R+2): MacArthur [R]* vs Kim [D]
            Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
            Burlington & Ocean Counties

            5th (R+3): Gottheimer [D]* vs McCann [R]
            Northern New Jersey

            7th (R+3): Lance [R]* vs Malinowski [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
            Northern Delaware River

            11th- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+3): Sherrill [D] vs Webber [R] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
            Morris County

            SAFE SEATS: 6 Democratic, 1 Republican
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              NEW MEXICO (D+3)
              GOVERNOR- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Grisham [D] vs Pearce [R]
              Current Outlook: Lean Democratic *PICKUP*

              SENATE: Heinrich [D]* vs Rich [R]

              HOUSE (3 Seats)
              2nd – OPEN REPUBLICAN DISTRICT (R+6): Herrell [R] vs Small [D]
              Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
              Southern New Mexico

              SAFE SEATS: 2 Democratic

              NEW YORK (D+12)
              GOVERNOR: Cuomo [D]* vs Molinaro [R]

              SENATE: Gillibrand [D]* vs Farley [R]

              HOUSE (27 Seats)
              1st (R+5): Zeldin [R]* vs Gershon [D]
              Eastern Long Island

              2nd (R+3): King [R]* vs Grechen-Shirley [D}
              South-Central Long Island

              11th (R+3): Donovan [R]* vs Rose [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
              Staten Island + Southwestern Brooklyn

              19th (R+2): Faso [R]* vs Delgado [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
              Eastern New York between NYC and Albany

              21st (R+4): Stefanik [R]* vs Cobb [D]
              Northern New York

              22nd (R+6): Tenney [R]* vs Brindisi [D]
              Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
              Central New York, including Utica and Binghamton

              23rd (R+6): Reed [R]* vs Mitrano [D]
              Southwestern New York

              24th (D+3): Katko [R]* vs Balter [D]
              Syracuse + vicinity

              27th (R+11): Collins [R]* vs McMurray [D]
              Current Outlook: Lean Republican
              Buffalo suburbs and eastward
              Note: Collins has officially suspended his campaign, but remains on the ballot

              SAFE SEATS: 18 Democratic, 0 Republican

              NORTH CAROLINA (R+3)
              HOUSE (13 Seats)
              2nd (R+7): Holding [R]* vs Coleman [D]
              Eastern & Southern Raleigh Suburbs

              8th (R+8): Hudson [R]* vs McNeill [D]
              Southern Piedmont Region

              9th- OPEN REPUBLCIAN SEAT (R+8): Harris [R] vs McCready [D]
              Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
              Central NC-SC Border

              13th (R+6): Budd [R]* vs Manning [D]
              South of Winston-Salem

              SAFE SEATS: 6 Republican, 3 Democratic

              NORTH DAKOTA (R+17)
              SENATE: Heitkamp [D]* vs Cramer [R] *REPUBLICAN GAIN*
              Current Outlook: Lean Republican

              HOUSE (1 Seat)
              SAFE SEAT: 1 Republican

              OHIO (R+3)
              GOVERNOR- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Cordray [D] vs DeWine [R]

              SENATE: Brown [D]* vs Renacci [R]

              HOUSE (16 SEATS)
              1st (R+5): Chabot [R]* vs Pureval [D]
              Southwestern Ohio, including most of Cincinnati

              7th (R+12): Gibbs [R]* vs Harbaugh [D]
              North Central Ohio, including Canton

              10th (R+4): Turner [R]* vs Fudge [D]
              Mid-Southwestern Ohio

              12th (R+7): Balderson [R]* vs O’Connor [D]
              North and East of Columbus

              14th (R+5): Joyce [R]* vs Rader [D]
              Eastern Lake Erie Shore

              SAFE SEATS: 7 Republican, 4 Democratic
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                OKLAHOMA (R+20)
                GOVERNOR- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Edmondson [D] vs Stitt [R]

                HOUSE (5 SEATS)
                5th (R+10): Russell [R]* vs Horn [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
                Oklahoma City + Pottawatamie and Seminole Counties

                SAFE SEATS: 4 Republican

                OREGON (D+5)
                GOVERNOR: Brown [D]* vs Buehler [R]

                HOUSE (5 Seats)
                SAFE SEATS: 4 Democratic, 1 Republican

                PENNSYLVANIA (EVEN)
                GOVERNOR: Wolf [D]* vs Wagner [R]

                SENATE: Casey [D]* vs Barletta [R]

                HOUSE (18 Seats)
                NOTE: House districts have been redrawn since previous election.

                1st (R+1): Fitzpatrick [R]* vs Wallace [D]
                Northeastern Philadelphia Metro

                5th (D+13): Kim [R] vs Scanlon [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
                Southwestern Pennsylvania

                6th- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (D+2): Houlahan [D] vs McCauely [R] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
                Northwest of Philadelphia

                7th- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (D+1): Nothstein [R] vs Wild [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
                Western Philadelphia Suburbs

                8th (R+1): Cartwright [D]* vs Chrin [R]
                Northeastern Pennsylvania

                10th (R+6): Perry [R]* vs Scott [D]
                Harrisburg + vicinity

                16th (R+8): Kelly [R]* vs DiNicola [D]
                Northwestern Pennsylvania

                17th- DOUBLE INCUMBENT (R+3): Lamb [D]* vs Rothfus [R]*
                Beaver & Allegheny Counties

                SAFE SEATS: 6 Republican, 4 Democratic

                RHODE ISLAND (D+10)
                GOVERNOR: Raimondo [D]* vs Fung [R]

                SENATOR: Whitehouse [D]* vs Flanders [R]

                HOUSE (2 Seats)
                SAFE SEATS: 2 Democratic

                SOUTH CAROLINA (R+8)
                GOVERNOR: McMaster [R]* vs Smith [D]

                HOUSE (7 Seats)
                1st- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+10): Arrington [R] vs Cunningham [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
                Southern Atlantic Coast

                SAFE SEATS: 5 Republican, 1 Democratic
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                  SOUTH DAKOTA (R+14)
                  GOVERNOR- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Noem [R] vs Sutton [D]
                  Current Outlook: Lean Republican

                  HOUSE (1 Seat)
                  SAFE SEATS: 1 Republican

                  TENNESSEE (R+14)
                  GOVERNOR- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Dean [D] vs Lee [R]

                  SENATE- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Blackburn [R] vs Bredesen [D]

                  HOUSE (9 Seats)
                  SAFE SEATS: 7 Republican, 2 Democratic

                  TEXAS (R+8)
                  GOVERNOR: Abbott [R]* vs Valdez [D]

                  SENATE: Cruz [R]* vs O’Rourke [D]

                  HOUSE (36 Seats)
                  2nd- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+11): Crenshaw [R] vs Litton [D]
                  Northern and Western Houston

                  6th- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+9): Lynne-Sanchez [D] vs Wright [R]
                  Southeastern Metroplex

                  7th (R+7): Culberson [R]* vs Fletcher [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
                  Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
                  Western Houston

                  21st- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+10): Kosper [D] vs Roy [R]
                  North of San Antonio and most of Austin

                  22nd (R+10): Olson [R]* vs Kulkami [D]
                  South and Southwestern Houston Suburbs

                  23rd (R+1): Hurd [R]* vs Jones [D]
                  Western Panhandle except for El Paso

                  31st (R+10): Carter [R]* vs Hegar [D]
                  Central Texas, north of Austin

                  32nd (R+5): Sessions [R]* vs Allred [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
                  North Dallas

                  SAFE SEATS: 17 Republican, 11 Democratic

                  UTAH (R+20)
                  SENATE- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Romney [R] vs Wilson [D]

                  HOUSE (4 Seats)
                  4th (R+13): Love [R]* vs McAdams [D]
                  Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
                  Western Salt Lake City and Southward

                  SAFE SEATS: 3 Republican

                  VERMONT (D+15)
                  GOVERNOR: Scott [R]* vs Hallquist [D]

                  SENATE: Sanders [I-D]* vs Zupan [R]
                  NOTE: Sanders caucuses with the Democrats and is counted as one.

                  HOUSE (1 Seat)
                  SAFE SEATS: 1 Democratic
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                    VIRGINIA (D+1)
                    SENATE: Kaine [D]* vs Stewart [R]

                    HOUSE (11 Seats)
                    2nd (R+3): Taylor [R]* vs Luria [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
                    Virginia Beach + the Exclave

                    5th- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+6): Cockburn [D] vs Riggleman [R]
                    Central Virginia

                    7th (R+6): Brat [R]* vs Spanberger [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
                    Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
                    Northwest of Richmond

                    10th (D+1): Comstock [R]* vs Wexton [D] *DEMOCRATIC GAIN*
                    West of Washington, DC

                    SAFE SEATS: 4 Democratic, 3 Republican

                    WASHINGTON (D+7)
                    SENATE: Cantwell [D]* vs Hutchison [R]

                    HOUSE (10 Seats)
                    3rd (R+4): Herrera-Beutler [R]* vs Long [D]
                    Current Outlook: Lean Republican
                    Southwestern Washington

                    5th (R+8): McMorris-Rodgers [R]* vs Brown [D]
                    Eastern Washington

                    8th- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (EVEN): Rossi [R] vs Schrier [D]
                    Current Outlook: TOSS-UP
                    Southeastern Seattle Suburbs + Kittitas Valley

                    SAFE SEATS: 6 Democratic, 1 Republican

                    WEST VIRGINIA (R+19)
                    SENATE: Manchin [D]* vs Morrisey [R]

                    HOUSE (3 Seats)
                    3rd- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+23): Miller [R] vs Ojeda [D]
                    Southwestern West Virginia

                    SAFE SEATS: 2 Republican

                    WISCONSIN (EVEN)
                    GOVERNOR: Walker [R]* vs Evers [D]
                    Current Outlook: TOSS-UP

                    SENATE: Baldwin [D]* vs Vukmir [R]

                    HOUSE (8 Seats)
                    1st- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT (R+5): Bryce [D] vs Steil [R]
                    Southeastern Wisconsin

                    6th (R+8): Grothman [R]* vs Kohl [D]
                    Lake Michigan Shore between MIlwaukee and Green Bay

                    SAFE SEATS: 3 Democratic, 3 Republican

                    WYOMING (R+25)
                    GOVERNOR- OPEN REPUBLICAN SEAT: Gordon [R] vs Throne [D]

                    SENATE: Barrasso [R] vs Trauner [D]

                    HOUSE (1 Seat)
                    SAFE SEATS: 1 Republican
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                      I had no idea Donna Shalala was running for a House seat until I started doing this.


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                        Hawai'i - Iowa now up

                        Also, if there's a race you don't see you want up there, or you think I have a district description wrong, please let me know.


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                          Originally posted by Pollaski View Post
                          Hawai'i - Iowa now up

                          Also, if there's a race you don't see you want up there, or you think I have a district description wrong, please let me know.
                          Curious where you get your summary on Salazar/Shalala.
                          Real Clear has this reversed.


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                            Originally posted by daCat View Post

                            Curious where you get your summary on Salazar/Shalala.
                            Real Clear has this reversed.
                            That's more Toss-Up than reversed. I'm using 270towin for the initial run, since its got everything in one place. After that, we'll probably look at broader sites.


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                              Kansas-Maryland now up.

                              Kentucky and Louisiana might be the only two states without a single statewide election this year.