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OPT: 2020 MLB Postseason


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  • OPT: 2020 MLB Postseason

    Based off what we do know, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, and TBS will carry the Wild Card Series.

    TBS will carry one ALWS. The ESPN Networks the rest. My TV listings show "Baseball Fall Frenzy" on ESPN from 4pm-10pm ET on Tuesday and Wednesday. ABC has a game listed at 2pm ET Tuesday thru Friday, while TBS has a game 4pm ET Tuesday and Wednesday. All other games in their entirety on ESPN+ (not on ABC or TBS)

    AL Wild Card Series
    1 Tampa Bay Rays vs. 8 Toronto Blue Jays
    4 AL Central 2nd Place vs. 5 New York Yankees
    3 AL Central Champion or Oakland vs. 6 Houston or LA Angels
    2 Oakland or AL Central Champion vs. 7 AL Central 3rd Place

    NL Wild Card Series
    1 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. TBD*
    4 San Diego Padres vs. 5 NL Central 2nd Place or Miami
    3 Chicago Cubs vs. 6 Miami or NL Central 2nd Place
    2 Atlanta Braves vs. TBD*

    In the AL Central, the Twins, Indians, and White Sox are separated by one game with two to play. It is apparent that the division champion will be the 2 or 3 Seed, with second place the 4 seed (or 5 but would still play the Yankees), and third place will be the 7 Seed.

    In the National League, the Cincinnati Reds have clinched a playoff berth but could finish second in the NL Central as a five or six seed, but could also be a 7 or 8 seed pending on the outcomes with the Cardinals.

    The Cardinals, Brewers, Giants, and Phillies are battling it out for two playoff spots. The Giants are currently the 8 seed, with the Brewers and Phillies hanging on by a thread (two back of the Giants with two to play).

    This will be updated to show series history, times, and brackets once finalized.

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    I hope this expanded playoffs is just a one-off but I know how this shit works. Once anything is expanded and more people get money they never go back.


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      Wow, didn't realize they were doing 1vs 8. That's so fucking bad.

      Thought it would be like multiple wild card play-ins or something with division winners waiting.

      If there's one thing that irritates me more than anything on sports radio it's the guys that always want 164 teams in the NCAA tournament and expanded playoffs in CFB and every sport. The regular season is still most indicative of the best teams. "hottest at the end of the year" (often team with fewest serious injuries) is pretty bullshit.

      Baseball for the most part has stuck with a nice long regular season and it's one of the things I like most about the sport.
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        Reds pitching Castillo tonight, Gray tomorrow

        Bauer-castillo-gray set up for Round 1


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          Astros one loss away from a team with a losing record making the postseason


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            This is going to be such a horseshit postseason, and MLB is going to switch to it full-time.


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              The Boomie-Bellefay week rolls on...


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                Also, why is MLB not making the Cardinals-Tigers play their DH?

                Reds are 1 game up in the win column. Make the Cardinals win one more.

                Although I would think traveling to Atlanta better then San Diego.
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                  Wednesday might be the most insane day of postseason baseball ever. Different games will start at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 7pm and 10pm. Eight postseason games in one day. Whoa.


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                    This thread will be more entertaining than the actual postseason


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                      We are going to pecker slap the New York Yankees.

                      Poor little fuckers don't get to play in their little league field stadium, hit "home runs" that are pop ups in every stadium besides the Bronx and get cheap wins.

                      Bieber > Cole, start spreadin' the news.


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                        The O/u for yankees-indians game 1 is 6. Lol


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                          Twins and A's.... LOL

                          Bieber looking incredibly normal today. Yankees taking a lot of pitches.


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                            Good thing that Cy Young voting has already closed.


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                              Real Cy Young Winner going tomorrow