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2020 Stupid Underdog picks sign-up thread!


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  • 2020 Stupid Underdog picks sign-up thread!

    With COVID-19 impacting this year, please check to see what may have changed in the rules.

    As mentioned, if we have a spring season as well, we will have spring underdogs! One grand champion will be crowned but so will a Fall and Spring champion!

    Here are the rules for the game for all first-timers and others to be refreshed on the rules of play:
    1. Everyone must have their picks in by 11:59pm ET on Friday night. If not, you forfeit your selections (Losses don't count or no penalties). I'm going to start enforcing this faster than usual this year. Some of you deciding to cherry pick and sit on games while Gameday is on has caused the entire process to be flawed and showing everybody's picks on Saturday as I sometimes miss early kickoff games being asleep, and that may be much more this year working late into Friday night.
    2. Midweek games must be selected THE DAY before its kickoff. In the past, we allowed this to be picked right up until kickoff. This rule will also be enforced.
    3. Picks are posted live every Saturday after the conclusion of Gameday or most likely before 4am that morning, pending on my status. Midweek games are also posted before others have made picks.
    4. As of right now, Picks can be posted in the Weekly thread, sent to me via PM (Facebook, FV, Twitter, reddit available), or tweeted to me. We have discussed this possibly changing at some point to other options available but this will be mentioned.
    5. Due to COVID-19 and the amount of games available, this year we will ONLY select three games a week. There is the possibility with Championship Saturday being limited and it may be one or two, but we will know more as we progress towards December 12th and 19th.
    6. You win points with the Underdog winning its game outright.
    8. If tied for points, Tiebreakers are as followed:
      1. ​WINS
      2. Win Percentage
      3. WATS (Wins Against the Spread)
      4. NPD (Net Point Differential; Points Underdog scored minus points favored team scored)

    When it comes to this season, the only Week ZERO game is an FCS game. It will be on the table if desired but will count towards your Week 1 picks. At this point if we can find FCS spreads for teams playing they could be incorporated into the standings. What is/was supposed to be Weeks 1-3, I know games are scattered around. The amount of picks versus amount of games (3 out of 8 or 10, etc.) will determine if its a two or three pick week before what is supposed to be OFFICIAL Week 1 (aka Week 4). This makes a season where we will have 16 weeks of games to choose from.

    UPDATE: As of now, only I think ten Week 1 games. If that's the case, well.... we'll figure this out by the weekend.
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